Sometimes you don't need a full training package, or you'd just like to learn a little more about the animals we spend so much of our lives with, right? 

Well, here at Great and Small we aim to offer something for everyone and in that vein, we're proud to announce starting soon a series of online seminars led by our one and only Friendly Neighbourhood Dog Trainer herself, Laura. Below, on this page, you'll find all our upcoming webinars with a little info on what to expect. 

The best bit? Because these are online, with no materials needed (just bring a smile!) these sessions are super friendly on the wallet too. 

Canine Communication

Join Great & Small's resident behaviourist Laura on this dive into the world of your dog's body language with this family-friendly webinar. Learn about the different kinds of boy language your canine companion shows, what they can mean, how they affect behaviour and how your reaction and behaviour can have a huge influence on them in the big wide world.  

This is an ideal learning opportunity for new puppy owners, owners of rescues, families thinking of getting a dog and even owners who may have behaviour problems already. 

A 2-hour interactive webinar held via Zoom, complete with handy (digital) take away handouts. 

Sunday 21st November, 6pm

Harnesses - Size Matters

Join Great and Small behaviourist Laura for a short Webinar on Collars, Harnesses and muzzles - and how to fit them properly, staring the Great and Small Hounds themselves: Lizzi and Athena. 

This will be more of a hands on webinar, so bring your 4 legged friend along to join in too if you can! 

Sunday 28th November, 2pm