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Great & Small group classses are designed from the ground up to be educational, easy and most importantly, fun! 

We offer three classes, which you will find details of below. Whether it's a new member of the family, a troublesome teen, or a over excitable Afador, if meeting new faces (both canine and human!) and learning some skills sounds fun, book below. 

Dog Walker at the Park

Beginners Basics

This is a 6-week course teaching foundation obedience training and day-to-day life skills in a fun, engaging group setting. Beginners Basics is ideal for rescue dogs, troublesome teenagers or adult dogs in need of some refresher training. Suitable for fully vaccinated dogs over 6 months old. 


Dogs with trainer
Obedience Training

Socialisation Success

Does your dog love other dogs more than they love you? Are they a bit nervous interacting with dogs? Do you want to go to the pub without your dog causing chaos trying to say hello to every other dog and person there? Then Socialisation Success is the course for you. This short, fun 4-week training course is a crash course in doggy body language, play and essential skills like being able to settle, remain calm and focus on you around other dogs. Whether your dog needs to build confidence or be less excited around other dogs - Socialisation Success is here to help. Suitable for dogs 5 months plus, all dogs must be fully vaccinated in order to attend. 


Puppy Primary

A small, friendly and fun group training class focusing on teaching you and your puppy the foundations of training and socialisation. We start with basic obedience cues and move to important life skills. This is a 6-week course on how to raise and train a well-rounded puppy!


Suitable for puppies between 12 and 20 weeks old. All pups must be fully vaccinated to attend this class.


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