I am qualified to dipCAPBT Level 4 with the Centre of Applied Pet Ethology which allows me a unique perspective on analysing your dog's emotions, behaviour and mood state to help you address even the most complex problems in the simplest way. 

To find out more, their site is here: https://coape.org/about-us/about/

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The COAPE Association of Applied Pet Behaviourists & trainers is an accredited membership body committed to ethical & scientifically based training & behaviour modification methods 

To find out more, visit them here: capbt.org/about.php.


Being an accredited member of the International companion animal network I am a certified animal trainer & certified animal behaviourist you can feel secure in knowing you'll receive only the best of the latest in behavioural training and support. Membership also brings continued development, so I will always be up to date with the best scientific knowledgebase. 

To find out more, their site is here: https://companionanimal.network/#

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2020 Completed despite ya'know, 2020.